Student Support

Whilst attending our Diploma and Foundation Courses all students will have a Supervisor to monitor their progress and give assistance as required.

To apply for an extension for an assignment contact us at

Assistance is available for any students studying with us who have learning challenges; for example dyxlexia; please contact us at if you need assistance with assignments etc.

Refresher Training

Those who are looking for Refersher Training can choose our NLP Practitioner Plus Program or from our eight Diploma Weekends.

These can be attended individually.

There are limited places for Refresher Training, email to enquire as to availability.

Reference Materials & Recommended Reading

This reading list is essential reading for any hypnotherapist or NLP’er. It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to the field or if you have many years of experience.

This list represents a diverse mixture of material, take your time, read as many of these as you can.  Whilst you do your confidence will soar, your skill sets will grow, and your successes increase.

Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis

by D Waxman – ( 3rd Edition)


by R Bandler & J Grinder


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Using the Power of you Mind to Heal

Psychoneuroimmunology explores how our psychological conditions and neurological processes effect our immune system. How our thoughts and beliefs can affect our health. Centuries ago it was believed that when we became ill that we had a dis-ease of the mind and at...

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Fertility Issues

Today fertility is a huge issue; women come to a stage in their lives where they decide its time to have a child; then find out that the one thing that for so many years they tried to prevent is much more difficult than anticipated.  Women from all walks of life from...

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We are urged to plan, to form goals from very early on in our lives, from being asked as a very small child what do you want to be when you grow up.  People will ask what are your plans, for your career as a teenager through to what are you doing for the holidays. Its...

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Programming your mind for success …

Millions of people each day face obstacles to their goals; some find a way to deal with these whilst a vast majority do not.  Some don’t know how, can’t find the motivation or resources needed.  Some may even think that there isn’t a way to change the way things are....

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New Year – New You?

I wonder how many people will use this magical time – New Years Eve to make a resolution to be different in the new year. Where do New Years Resolutions come from? New Years celebrations are the oldest in our history, its believed we have celebrated the new year for...

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Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat…

"Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old mans hat..." There are so many responses to those words.  I love Christmas, always have.  Buying presents for people I care for, looking forward to spending days with loved ones, friends...

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Hypnosis for communication in business

Many successful business people are attending classes on Hypnosis each year. (Even if they ask for the invoice to read influencing skills!) Why? There are many reasons. One reason is the process of understanding the basic principles of hypnosis enables them to expand...

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Fear – an unconscious learning

As I think about the next weekend when at the Wessex College we will be teaching our students how to be more effective when working with their patients with fears and anxieties, and how best to help them achieve their goals. The feelings that people have when phobic...

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ICCH home of the Wessex College

The Wessex College of Hypnosis and NLP becomes part of the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy, whilst receiving recommendations from Paul McKenna PhD, international best-selling author and renowned Hypnotist.     "Our training courses have been...

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